bathing ritual

Dakini Tantra bathing ritual - During this ritual you can relax before the actual Dakinimassage in a spacious bath in pleasantly tempered bubble bath the soul. Every cell can expand, calm down, arrive.

Let sink into the bubble bath and allow the water to renew it energetically. Regenerate! Enjoy the extra bathing program, find out about it while being sheltered, cared for and vitalized.
Duration: about 30 minutes for 50 euros

Yoni Steaming


Yoni Steaming - herbal steam bath for 'her' lap room. Experience a new offer in Dakini Cologne!

For relaxed and creative femininity
offers Ricarda after prior appointment:

Inspired by ancient knowledge of indigenous cultures, Ricarda developed a treatment method that combined the soothing effects of Yoni-Steaming = herbal vaginal steam bath with elements from her 12 years of practice as a Tantric masseuse.

Yoni steaming is suitable both as a health-promoting application for various women's complaints (see below), as well as a holistic relaxation method for arriving in your female center. Fixed emotions and cell-level experiences can be resolved so that you can gain new access to your very own source of female power. For a relaxed and creative femininity.

Sitting on a chair you experience how the warming moisture of water vapor caresses your yoni. The tissue of your outer and inner vagina relaxes and expands, which unfolds the effect of gently cleansing, soothing herbs.

Then you will be lying down to enjoy other supportive elements such as the use of essential oils, warm pillows and partial massages (see below for packages). This deepens the process of self-discovery through which Ricarda accompanies you with her experience and her empathetic way.

There is no touching of the genital area during the whole session.

hormone massage

Hormone massage is a women's massage specifically designed for the female needs, a gentle reminder of the female body and mind that Mother Nature has the ability to self-regulate.

While the archaic man made the acquisition of resources his task, the archaic woman took care of the resource management. What, to what extent, in what rhythm is needed by the family. This task is done by the hormones in our body. They send their messengers to the appropriate organs.

The purpose of hormone massage is to give you a space to perceive yourself, what is needed, to what extent and in what rhythm in your life. It begins with a detoxifying neck and head massage in a relaxed sitting position at the massage bench. It follows the stimulation of the reflex zones of the Neben-Nieren and the liver. In the supine position, a gentle abdominal massage is performed, which addresses the female organs from the outside and helps the women to better perceive their female cycle and their pace of life and to anchor themselves in it. The massage concludes with a gentle activation of the thymus, which is responsible for our defenses.