The Dakini four-hand massage - a very special experience

Even with this four-handed massage, you are in the receiving attitude and go completely into the hands of two loving people. Four-handed massaging can be an incredibly nourishing experience. You will be pampered by two Dakinis (or by request of a Dakini and a Daka or two Dakas) at the same time. Four hands are so much touch at the same time, that you can sink into it: they can be completely absorbed in a tender, loving massage.
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An improvisation with classic massage structure

The massage structure of the four-hand tantric massage is similar to the classic one, but is interpreted more freely by the massage team - they come together like a three-person dance, bring in their skills creatively and compose individual four-hand massages. In parts they remain synchronized and then different again. One on the feet, while the other massages her neck. Or imagine what it could be like if someone lovingly held their head while you received a lingam massage as a man or a yoni massage as a woman. A special constellation of security is with a male and a female massage therapist. A feeling can arise that both forces - the male and the female pole - invite you to an artistic dance.

Four handed Tantric massage: finally enough love!

This tantric experience can mean far more to the soul than just a four-handed massage: some recipients are overwhelmed with twice that amount of attention. Finally enough love! And of course, the threesome constellation is also a great sexual desire for many people. Finally enough men's hands - maybe the recipient thinks. And the recipient enjoys twice as much femininity caring for him. The constellation of masseuse and masseur also has its charm in that both energies, Shakti and Shiva, are present in the massage. Representing the spiritual balance. Or in the sense of parental security, as the quote of a massage recipient expresses: "It is never too late to have a happy childhood.".

In any case, the 4-handed Tantric massage is a very special experience.

Try it out and give us your desired constellation when making an appointment. Your Dakinis or Dakas are looking forward to seeing you!