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Notice:We exclusively perform the well-known Dakinimassage (More info in the Dakini podcast), No sexual intercourse, no interaction on the part of the recipient or the recipient!


Opening hours daily from 9 to 21 clock
also on Sundays and public holidays
Dates by appointment: 0221 1793511

We speak English

Opening hours daily from 9 on to 21 pm
So on weekends and holidays.
Massages by appointments
+49 221 1793511

Mrs. Rose Yoni Koeln

Full body massage for the woman > Yoni massage

It's just about you as a woman - you do not have to give anything back. And you can enjoy it, after a full body massage in the outer area of ​​the Yoni and if you wish, also in the interior of the vagina massaged and touched.

The Dakini Yoni Massage serves your well-being as a woman, for a self-given time without having to do anything or afford to merely give in to feeling. Our well-trained masseuses and masseuses are looking forward to giving you an unforgettable, loving, tender, direct body experience. Neither your looks, your job or your age matter. We perceive you in their uniqueness and care for you respectfully and respectfully. After this massage you will feel happy and nourished!

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Full body massage for the man > Lingam massage

In the Dakinimassage, the man can forget all the roles he has in "normal" life. The letting go as soon as he enters the hands of the well-trained masseuse. 'Do not have to do anything' is what a man can experience here. The encounter of yin and yang (symbol of femininity and masculinity) is particularly impressive in the ritual context: the frame, the space represents the Yang principle according to the Taoist wisdom teachings. Symbolically this principle embodies the "outside", the active doing - symbol fire. The massage as such stands for the Yin principle. Yin is female, embodies the "inside", be protected, surrender, rest. The Yin symbol is cooling water. To combine these principles into a tangible whole, we would like to convey this to our customers in the Dakini massage ritual.

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Dakini Couple Massage> Full body massages in Cologne for couples

Expand your sexuality with one Couples massage - Tantra four: What an experience in which you are spoiled at the same time! Or massage your partner along with a Dakini or our Dakas in the ritual to third parties. Tantric massages for couples inspire love [...]

The masseuses and masseuses are with you with all their attention, with their alert vitality and love with you as a couple. If the woman is massaged by a man and the man by a woman, this can be considered balanced by all concerned. But the same-sex constellation in the massage has proven to be good and consistent in most cases. Please let us know when you book your appointment.

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Spiritual and philosophical sources of different origin shape and inspire our work, our behavior towards the customers, our image of man, our motivation and our cooperation.

The specific foundations of our massages come mainly from Tantric and Taoist traditions, as they are each taught in the Western cultural area.

We are guided by a conception of Tantra that respects the human being in its entirety and interweaves the apparent opposites such as good and evil, "sacred" and "sinful", of spirituality and sexuality and of body and mind.

The massages incorporate elements from the Meridian teachings and the Yin-Yang concept of traditional Chinese medicine.
Likewise, the influences of Hawaiian and Indian body knowledge are reflected in our offer.

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We are women and men who have made it their mission to bring sensuality into everyday life and care. For us, sensuality, sexuality and physical touch are natural and powerful aspects of life.

We are trained in different massage techniques from European and Asian traditions. We bring heart and body knowledge into the massages and cultivate the art of touch so that you can really feel touched.

We are free masseuses and masseurs within the offers and high level of Dakini. We are well educated and experienced. So each of us has their own way of massaging and touching.

We invite our guests to experience this diversity and are pleased to touch you and to accompany you on your body journey.

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Touch points - let yourself be touched

Event series in the Frauenkreis

Our series of events 'Touchpoints' is about communication and touch, which we explore in a playful and easy way.
We are dealing with touch in the broadest sense: with the outer touch through which we are in contact with others, and with our inner touch, the "being touched" that brings us into contact with ourselves.

- How do I authentically express my needs and wishes?
- Where and how do I feel my limits and how do I communicate them?
- How close do I like it right now?

Through various elements, say yes-no; attentive, guided touch sequences; Sense exercises; Experience movement and relaxation
You are in your power and center - in space. Through exchanges and encounters, you can experience your gentle and courageous side in order to be empathic in touch - with yourself and with others.

Enjoy a relaxed, nourishing evening in the sheltered circle
accompanied by touch experts Ricarda and Anjali.

When and where:

Every first Friday of the month
from 19: 30 clock to 21: 30 clock
in the dakini

Post: 20 €

Please register up to one day before.

Ricarda 0178-9292035 ricarda@yoni-spa.de
Anjali 0176-24980090 kontakt@gaensehaut-koeln.de


Already since the 90er of the last century the name Dakini stands for competent whole body massage on the highest level. The Dakini in Cologne offers the opportunity, in encounter with mindful people to experience in sensitively performed massage rituals, how it is to feel your own body and to come deeply to yourself. They leave everyday life behind. The thoughts automatically switch off by coming fully into feeling each part of your body. - Interested? Schedule an appointment!

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Information for guests

You can shower before and after the massage in our beautiful bathroom.
Except for anticipation and cash (or voucher) you do not need to bring anything.
After the massage, we recommend to give yourself enough time to find out.

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Contact Us

Dakini - Center for Touch, Massage and Sexual Competence
Ebertplatz 9
50668 Cologne
Phone 0221 1793511
> mail@dakinimassagen.de
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