I am already well over 70 years old. Can I still have a massage with you at a higher age?

In Dakini, the age of the recipient does not matter. That's why you can enjoy our massages at any age, from 18 to 88 - and beyond! Mindful and appreciative touch is the most important thing in our massages. We treat you individually as a person.

Feel welcome in every phase of your life! Dakinimassagen can be received at any age (from 18).

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Actually, I do not want a sexual adventure, but real touch.Is the Dakinimassage suitable for me?

Naturally! The goal of our massage is to make you feel deeply touched.
All our massages are equally enjoyable with or without touching the private parts. You choose yourself how far you want to go within our borders. Many guests enjoy a light, aimless intimate massage that is natural and harmonious.

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My wife does not want sex anymore.I long for closeness, but I do not want to go wrong.

A Dakinimassage has nothing to do with marriage and relationship. It is not "cheating" or even "adultery" if you get a massage with us. We dedicate our entire presence and mindfulness in the massage. There is no mutual erotic game, we do not want to arouse the illusion of relationship, but have developed a special form of contact, which is essentially a veneration ritual. After a Dakinimassage will leave you with a completely good feeling. You go strengthened and set back into your world again. Many of our guests report that their partners also benefit from the experience they have gained as recipients in the Dakinimassage. They then experience themselves in the couple context with more tenderness, mindfulness and gratitude for each other.
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The sex life of my relationship has become boring with the years. How could a Dakinimassage help us?

In any case, a Dakinimassage can give new inspiration for your intimate life. It can open up new dimensions of touch for you or it can show you unknown ways of being tender. In particular, when the playful element has disappeared from the sexual life, when the tension and pricking have been lost, a Dakinimassage can set new accents. We would also like to recommend one of our massage seminars in which you can deepen your experience and learn it for your everyday life.

I have erection problems. Can I still enjoy an intimate massage?

Yes of course. Especially with our massages, it does not matter if it comes to an erection or not. The lingam massage is designed to make a wave of sexual arousal and relaxation. Mostly the erection comes and goes. But this is not important for relaxed enjoyment.

I feel too fat and unattractive. Can I still dare?

Feel welcome! We are a team of experienced women and trained to touch every person with empathy. In the massage creates a sensual, tender contact, as the appearance and body weight does not matter. Already some of our guests, who at first felt too fat,
helped the massage to better take care of herself and her body.

Which massage oils do you use?

We use only cold-pressed, biological oil without any additives. Our essential aromatic oils are 100% natural substances. If you have allergies, we ask that you tell the masseuse. In this case we use "Silk", a velvety, fragrance-neutral massage gel.

What about hygiene in your institute?

We attach great importance to hygiene and cleanliness. It goes without saying that you will be massaged on freshly washed and disinfected linen. This also applies to towels, slippers and kimonos. The shower and toilet will be cleaned after each use.

Our masseuses wash and disinfect their hands thoroughly after each massage, eliminating any risk of infection and making you feel safe at all times.

Why are there no full body or nude photos?

Our offer to you is encounter, that is why we show face.
The Dakini philosophy does not match images of erotic posing, always the same-looking faceless bodies. We do not offer the illusion of authenticity, but we are real. We are competent in the massage, can create real closeness and intimacy, are attractive, feminine, experienced and very different.

Is the masseur / masseur also naked during the massage?

Our massages are usually performed and received naked.
We do not wear distancing clothes or sexy lingerie. Nakedness is human being in its originality. We follow the tantric tradition,
according to which man and woman represent "Shiva and Shakti" as equals and without protective envelopes. The essence of our massages is deep touch and intense closeness. Because nude-being is free of shame or desire, it is experienced as natural and natural in the Dakinimassage. Our organic coconut oil also provides nourishing care for the skin.

How does a prostate massage work?

The prostate massage begins with a massage of the pelvic floor. Slowly and with great sensitivity, the entire anal area is massaged. By request
then it goes deeper. With great care, the prostate is stimulated from the inside and outside of the perineum. Everything happens completely safe and hygienic. Many men experience the prostate massage as particularly pleasurable. But the first time she can feel uncomfortable. We invite you to experiment. Talk to the masseuse / masseur about your experience and tell him / her immediately during the massage if it is no longer comfortable for you.

Can you get a prostate or anal massage?

As part of the Dakini-Lingam massage "Secret Feeling" or in the Dakini de Luxe massage, you can on request receive a very special experience: the anal and prostate massage. The masseuse or masseuse uses latex or vinyl gloves. You can feel completely safe at any moment and let it sink into the beautiful feeling.

Do I get an orgasm at the intimate massage?

When the body is ready and you want it, an orgasm is possible during intimate massage. Our concern is that you enjoy without pressure. From their experience, men often think that an intimate massage is definitely an orgasm with ejaculation. It is important to know that both need not be! Take advantage of the opportunity to make new experiences: How does it feel to experience the desire not linear and purposeful, but extended and deep? How does it feel to channel the energy in? How does it feel when you do not have to "come"? Feel invited to explore new ways and enrich your sex life. If you live in a partnership, your partner will be grateful if, over time, you can keep the tension longer and thus focus more on him or her. We also invite women who come to the massage to simply enjoy the touch and perceive what is being physically felt. The question of whether orgasm or not can then become completely irrelevant. In any case, they are stronger and energetic out of the massage ritual.

Why can not I come by without obligation?

The massage usually takes 90 to 120 minutes and requires a quiet, intimate and discreet atmosphere. Often all women are in the massage at the same time and would be disturbed and distracted by the ringing at the front door. Therefore, we ask you to make an appointment by phone before you visit us.

What can I do if I do not like something?

We ask that you tell the masseuse or masseur in case you feel uncomfortable. We are always grateful for feedback, both positive and critical. If you do not want to speak directly to your masseuse or masseur, you can also email us mail@dakinimassagen.de Send feedback. The most important thing for us is that you feel completely comfortable.
We have a high percentage of regular guests and wish that you are also satisfied and recommend us.

Can it possibly also come to the intercourse?

No. Although the massage may well be a sensual-erotic experience, it is not a hidden or open invitation to sexual intercourse. This does not take place with us.

Who will massage me?

All our masseuses and masseurs are well trained in massage techniques and have the experience to adapt to each guest (man or woman), to create an intimate atmosphere and to devote full attention to him / her.
It needs mutual sympathy to fall in confidence in the massage. A good contact can only be experienced individually. The look, we think, is subordinate. Our masseuses and masseurs will accompany you lovingly and benevolently in the protected space on your body journey into your own sensuality, into your very own feelings.
However, if you spontaneously feel that you are not doing well with a masseuse or masseur, you are welcome to comment. We do not take that personally! If it can be done, then you will be massaged by another woman. If you have felt very well looked after by a masseuse or a masseur, just ask for her or him at the next appointment!

May I also touch or massage the woman who massages me?

With our massages a high intimacy can arise, with which - in particular men - would like to give something back habitually. We understand that well, but closeness and intensity have more room the deeper someone can drop. That's why we invite you to enjoy without doing anything. This allows the magic in this game of tension and relaxation to arrive entirely at yours. Especially for men, it is often a new, unusual but wonderful feeling to indulge. If you can take it all, the masseuse can give it all and it will be an unforgettable experience for both.

Is tantra massage prostitution?

Not in our opinion!
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