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Training in body and consciousness work

  • TMV training to Tantramasseurin, Tantra Connection, 2014-2015
  • Self-regulation of the energetic centers, Lifexpert Coachings, 2016-2017
  • tantric year training for women, BeFree Tantraschule, Regina Heckert, 2017
  • Gantke © Fascia Treatment, Gantke School of Bodywork, 2018
  • Systemic statements according to Bert Hellinger, 2017 until today
  • regular training in Tantra in Motion, Aqua Tantra


Olga offers dates in the Dakini Cologne on June 1st and on request.

"Grounded bliss"

What is Tantric massage for me?

Tantric massage touches and forms people in a similar way as visual or performing arts, such as music, dance or literature. It is food for the soul, the body and the mind and simply one of the many sources of human inner and outer beauty (besides nature, music, art). This type of art is very grounded, it touches directly, it is suitable for everyday life, close to the human, even up close. This way of life can be compared to a passionate cook who, in his new creation, combines new flavors into a successful whole, impressing us with his dedication to the details. The Tantric massage wants to awaken and strengthen in us this artist of life who is in each one of us. And like every craft, every massage is unique.

The question “Is the tantric massage about pleasure?” is always the first. Tantra massage is about much more, it is about desire. Desire means much more than pleasure. “You can fancy a chocolate ice cream or an adventure film, but you can neither desire the ice cream nor the film. Lust is fleeting, it comes and goes. Desire is a constant, unavoidable companion in the center of the person and makes them alive. Even if she just doesn't feel like it ”. (Source: Ulricht Clement: “Dynamic of desire: systemic sex therapy in practice.” So we desire life, we desire vitality, our desire is EXISTENTIAL. The desire is a process of inner maturity, is very individual and very versatile: one can, for example, desire inner peace, or devotion, etc. The fellow human beings are merely the mirror for our inner desires.

NEW: Tantra in Motion

Movement is moving

The classic tantric massage is static, the recipient rests in one position and changes independently between individual positions. In Tantra in Motion you will get light impulses, similar to Tango Argentino, which you follow easily, your body is moved, straightened, rotated, stretched and you glide through space and time seemingly weightless.

Dear Olga,

you make my body speak!

It's so hard for me to feel inside, because obviously I have been carefully closing it since childhood. The little girl in me is so shy and vulnerable that it hides in the back of my mind. And so it is not found, it has built a thick wall of pain around it.
This wall does not scare you. Each of your tender or strong touch shakes the wall, drives me through the pain into my inner life. And there my body speaks to me, sending me the words of the little girl, who longs so much for closeness, love and security. At last I understand, I feel and am safe in the process, because you feel with me, you are there completely, accompany me. You let me find the way in my heart through loving touch.

Thank you very much!


After a loving welcome and preparation for a conversation over tea and an exchange of ideas, we welcomed ourselves in the "Holy Corner" tantric. From now on, I gave myself in the fullest confidence Olga and the tantric massage.

I felt the change like ebb and flow. The accompanying music reminded me of the 4 elements, and it took me next to the delight of the senses straight into another world, where the transition was quite fluid. Since I've been barely touched for 40 years, it was not easy to experience with full consciousness. It struck me how hidden I felt. I was led into my midst, through such a skillful massage, the tears that were not asked came early. Above all was pure love and mutual reverence and respect. It soon became clear to me that I was facing a future master of the Yin-Yang and the saying "love is an art" was before me. Maybe or surely I found a teacher in Olga. I felt good and beautiful, as years ago, as a young woman, with suffering and humiliating changes.
After washing my hair, my hair lolled for how long, my eyes were shiny. Hip discomfort and right damaged toe were gone.
I felt accepted and arrived for hours.

Dear Olga,

I would like to thank you for this miracle-full massage, which I could receive from you, rather already with you. I must admit that I was a little bit excited when I arrived at your place. But by your wonderful naturalness and spontaneity that is almost immediately gone. In our conversation, I then became calm and felt already arrived. The welcome and worship ritual for me was such a closeness and complete naturalness and matter of course, as I have never experienced. I felt very accepted, very relaxed and could leave the everyday life outside and arrive at my place. Your massage is also of such naturalness, it has something completely self-evident, it gave me no sense of insecurity, I had arrived, suppose. Your touches are from wonderful tenderness to powerful dynamics, everything seemed smooth, relaxed, and completely made for me. You gave me a lot of closeness and also gave me a sense of security and security. A wonderful feeling.

Even with the not quite easy intimate massage for me it was no different.

You did not let yourself be confused and massaged with great presence and acceptance and very loving, I must confess, I miss a little the right words to describe this appropriately. Maybe very simple, thank you very much for these wonderful hours. I would always trust you again. It is wonderful to feel you in and through your massage and thereby reach my heart.

Oh, and on the way home I laughed a lot and even sang a little 😀
Thank you.

All the best


Namaste Olga,

sorry, I needed a little time to answer. First sort everything and just sleep a lot. Thank you very much for your lovingly caring and unintentional Tantra massage. I felt good from the beginning. Felt your devotion.

Saturday morning: Red drop in the first course to ToilettenJ start of the period. So I thought directly of what you told me about possible hormonal changes. And my heart feels calm and relaxed.

SAT NAM (true identity)