"Touch full of joy"

offers appointments in Dakini Cologne in June 2020.

* Meditations and massages after Andreas Rothe since 2004

* Training Cycle Female Massage and Bodywork at N.Grunow Wellness Practitioner

* FOM woman as a leader

* Marketing seminar: "Entrepreneur, wife, mother", Rommel

* Hand reflex zone massage

* Charken harmonization, Naturopathic School Thalamus

* Energy work on the feet: interference fields and therapy blockages, allergies, detoxification, methamorphic method, scarification, DEKRA certified.

* Seminar for Bioenergetic Bodywork, chakra analysis according to Wilhelm Reich, Stoedner, Berlin, 2017

* TCM Dissemination Procedure / Thalamus Specialist Education 2017

* 2018 training as a body therapist for Feldenkrais and fascia work. Thalamus Alternative Therapy School

* 2019 European Women's Congress for Holistic Woman Bodywork, Moscow

* 2019 Certificate of master-class, Three steps to success, Irina KHAKAMADA (politician, eh. Candidate for the Russian presidency, coach, author), Switzerland