> I accompany you on your sensual journey


"Give yourself and feel yourself completely"

On weekends Bob offers massage appointments for women, men and couples in the Dakini Cologne and the Dakini Stuttgart

â € œIn a sheltered room, I accompany you on a journey of the senses, of security and pleasure.
Give in, feel yourself and meet the love of yourself.â €

Education and career

  • AnandaWave® â € "professional training according to the guidelines of TMV eV
  • AnandaWave® basic seminar
  • AnandaWave® Professional Advancement to Yoni and Lingam Massage
  • AnandaWave® Continuing Anal Temptation
  • AnandaWave® Continuation Expertise Meets Passion
  • â € œThe Joy of Touch Sensitivity Massage Basic Trainingâ €, â € œKundaliniâ € and â € œThe Embraceâ € by Lucian Loosen, EroSpirit, Bad Honnef, 2003 / 2004
  • Erotic massage with Leila Bust and Björn Leimbach, LoveCreation, Witten, 2004
  • Ylang-Ylang and Ayurvedic massage with Silvio Wirth, Secret of Tantra, ZEGG Bad Belzig, 2005
  • â € œLove-lust passionâ € with Lucian Loosen, EroSpirit, Bad Honnef, 2005
  • â € œThe Tao of Sexual Massage â € "Tao Iâ € by Elisabeth Müller-Schwefel, Uexheim / Vulkaneifel, 2006
  • Reiki-I at Heide Walle, Frieckingen at Lake Constance, 2006
  • â € œJy to me, yes to youâ € by Saleem Matthias Riek, The Art of Being, Wildberg, Schönbronn, 2007
  • Tantra massage with Dirk Liesenfeld, Tantrazentrum Berlin, 2008
  • Tao massage with Dirk Liesenfeld and Sarah Lentze, Gottsdorf, 2009
  • Hawaiian Energy Massage and Advanced Training with Rachana L. Wolff, UTA Academy Cologne, 2009
  • Yoni and Lingam massage with Dirk Liesenfeld and Sarah Lentze, ZEGG Bad Belzig, 2009
  • Health Practitioner at Cornelia Promny, UTA Academy Cologne, 2010
  • â € œFirst International Lomi Conferenceâ € by Susan Pa'iniu Floyd, Aloha International, Fursaal, 2010
  • â € œCinema Mana Iâ € and â € œCinema Mana IIâ € in Hawaiian bodywork with Jutta Hahr, LomiAcademy Frankfurt / Main, Fürnsaal and Tübingen, 2011
  • â € œCinema Mana IVâ € Teacher training and invoice with Susan Paâ € ™ inu Floyd, Aloha International, Fursaal, 2011
  • Assistant AnandaWave® Error! Link reference invalid. with Michaela Riedl and Gitta Arntzen, Wermelskirchen, 2011
  • Assistant AnandaWave® Basic Seminar with Michaela Riedl, Wermelskirchen, 2012
  • Kashmiri Massage "Cycle II" and "Cycle III" with Marie JÃ © sus Sandoval, Association Amrita, Chatenois (Dole) France, 2013
  • Bondage Massage â € œSonic Magicâ € included Petra Schickedanz, Cologne, 2015
  • â € œMasterloverâ € at Mahasatvaa Ananda Sarita, Tantra-Essence, Dippoldiswalde / Schmiedberg, 2015
  • â € œCinema Manaâ € in Hawaiian bodywork Susan Pa'iniu Floyd, Aloha International, Kisslegg, 2015
  • â € œThe Tao of Sexual Massage â € "Trainingâ € by Nirtana E. Gerhardt, Tantric massage Learn / Nhanga Ch. Grunow, Upper red, 2015