Is tantra massage prostitution?

Tantra is Tantric massage .... because it bridges the deepest and most painful division of our culture, namely the splitting of prostitution and love of two.

Is tantra massage prostitution?
We are often asked this when we call our profession. For many years we have faced the challenge of explaining our concerns. To take a sober look at this emotionally heated topic, it first needs to be clarified what prostitution is actually in a cultural context.

In fact, our entire society suffers from a mental illness in terms of sexuality. Unfortunately, we do not notice it anymore because the disease has become normal. In terms of prostitution, to put it bluntly, you could even diagnose advanced schizophrenia.
On the one hand is the accepted love of two with all their romance, their difficulties, infidelities, scams, boredom, but also stability. On the other, the "dark" side, is prostitution. As a social consensus, we want to maintain this strict separation. But both self-deception and cultural untruth begin.

No one can truly be sexually loyal - even in thought - and no one will be permanently fed up with a single person for a lifetime. This creates a split in our interior, which we project outwards.
On this side our "pure and clean" yearning for love, which we continue to seek in the two relationship against better knowledge and against all experience. There - into prostitution - we project our unlived and despised aspect of sexuality, our self-contempt, our animality, our perverse.
We thus use a distinction between love (holy) and prostitution (unholy). What we despise of sexuality, what we could not live with, and what thereby became rotten and stale, is passed on to prostitution. On the other hand, our whole inner, perhaps even religious yearning, our supposed love-ability is assigned to the love of two. No wonder, nobody wants to have anything to do with prostitution.

Just as we know about the rottenness of our financial system, yet so entangled in it that we know no way out, prostitution is the "bad bank" of the social organization of lust.

Prostitution is by no means the oldest trade in the world, but an indispensable part of patriarchy. Every patriarchal society is based on division, on duality on division. Everything is differentiated and divided into good and bad, clean and dirty, better or worse.

The essence of Tantra is the abolition of duality, the linking of division. In the Tantric way, man seeks that which is beyond good and evil. Tantra is neither religious nor non-religious. It is neither moral nor immoral. Tantra does not distinguish between holy and unholy. Tantra invites you to fully accept life and yourself, with everything that is.
The tricky thing about the tantric massage is that it focuses on this social division. The split in sexuality is culturally the deepest and the oldest. Tantra masseurs dare to face this gaping abyss.

It is easy to associate the Tantric massage without further reflection of prostitution. In this way, one maintains the customary order and division into good and evil and can assign himself to the good. But times are changing and the traditional tantra massage institutes, organized for example in the Tantramassage Association eV, claim for themselves a place in the middle of the society. They have the vision of connecting something that belongs together and not playing the game of splitting and projection. This courage makes the tantric masseuses truly tantric, and that's what often gets resented.

What is the difference between tantra massage and prostitution?
What has for centuries been the "bad bank" of middle-class sexuality undoubtedly carries its "rotten papers": addiction, violence, perversion, despair, poverty, greed, fast money, lust. My highest esteem goes out to those prostitutes who have received their dignity and self-esteem as well as their female authority and knowledge within this total destructive system, and are doing a good and real sex work. Unfortunately, there are too few.

Nevertheless, tantric massage has a different purpose than sex work, even though it can be called, in a sense, a sexual service.
Prostitution is about heating up the sexual energy and quickly fizzling it out. For heating everything is used, what is necessary for it. In particular, the customer's headset is operated and used as a catalyst for cheering on the sexual stimulus. This fast fizzing does not fill you up, but leaves a stale feeling. It needs a stronger kick next time. The red-light scene is particularly exposed to this dynamic: customers increasingly want more and more for less and less money. Still taboo, still younger should be the woman, still hornier the stimulants. In spite of everything, this leaves customers with an inner emptiness. Unconsciously they despise themselves for their addiction and project this contempt on the prostitute and their business. This is how the vicious circle is nourished.

The tantric massage has a different purpose than prostitution. This is not about stimulation in the sense of instinctual drainage. This is about balancing male and female forces in the human being itself. Chinese wisdom tradition is called yin and yang. The goal is regeneration by refueling in an atmosphere of dedication and trust. The client is invited to be fully receptive and to do nothing. Nothing is burned here, but refueled. It's about balancing your own inner energies and thus about regeneration.

This is a pioneering work in the sense of the society and also in the sense of the individual woman, who has the courage to do this work well. Hardly any other profession requires a deeper and more honest confrontation with oneself than with a Tantric female at the Dakini Institute.

Lea Söhner, 2011

Tantric massage recognized as a profession when certified by the Tantric Massage Association (TMV)

Why Tantra masseuse Monika Kochs fights the amusement tax

Tantra massages are in the opinion of a court more than just a holistic sensory experience. Since the massage in the genital area can be booked, sex tax is due. But the plaintiff does not want to be satisfied with that.

Information about privacy
Tantra massages are not just wellness, but also a sex experience - and thus taxable. The administrative court Baden-Wuerttemberg in Mannheim dismissed the appeal suit of the owner of a massage salon against the city of Cologne, as the court announced on Monday. Last fall, the plaintiff had already failed before the Administrative Court of Cologne with a lawsuit against the tax. A renewed revision did not allow the VGH. The masseuse is now considering complaining to the Federal Administrative Court.

More than about the Cologne "sex tax" Monika Kochs seems to go around the principle.

She wants to get the Tantra massage out of the dirty corner. Showing the public that tantra massage has nothing to do with red light and prostitution is already a great success - even if it has not been seen at the legal level so far.

At any rate, a masseuse does not want to know about sex in her studio.
Therefore, the 56 year-old owner of a massage salon does not see paying for her services a "sex tax". Because the city of Cologne sees things differently and requires the amusement tax from her, Kochs first moved to the Cologne administrative court, where she lost. Now also the next higher instance, the administrative court Baden-Wuerttemberg (VGH) in Mannheim decided on Monday: The massages are not only wellness, but also a sexual pleasure - and thus the tax is due.
But Koch does not want to be satisfied with the verdict. Because the VGH did not allow a renewed revision, the calm and balanced masseuse with the gray short hairstyle is now considering complaining to the Federal Administrative Court. "The court did not recognize the true treatment of our tantra massages," she said after the verdict. "It's like talking about chocolate and never having eaten." "We want to explain to people what Tantra is," said Koch.
"When it comes to intimacy, people are mostly restrained.

Holistic approach
They do not see the healing effect, "Koch continued. "The company is not ready yet." With tantra massages, client and masseuse undress and then both are naked. The genital area is included in the whole-body treatment.
The tantra massage bandage closes behind Koch. "We're doing a job for the health," said Martina Weiser of the association. The verdict is based on a world view of "black and white".
The chairman Michaela Riedl had already said after the first hearing: "Our association has no problem with prostitution, if it is self-determined and not exploitative. But nevertheless, it is important to draw a clear line and publicly explain what our work looks like and what cultural contribution tantra massage makes. "However, in the opinion of the judges, Koch's company specifically offers the" opportunity for sexual pleasure ". It was crucial that the customers could book a massage including intimate area for a fee. However, masseuse Kochs claimed that the full-body massages are based on strict tantra ritual. They are not aimed primarily at sexual pleasure, but holistic well-being. When touching the body, the genital area can not be excluded.
And that's the sticking point in the dispute: For in Cologne must be paid by the statute for "the targeted granting of the opportunity to sexual pleasures in touches, running houses, bars, sauna, nudist and swinger clubs and similar institutions" tax.
Many German cities charge this so-called sex tax, but not all. In Hamburg and Berlin, for example, there are none. Cologne was one of the pioneers of this tax around ten years ago. In Baden-Württemberg, for example, the levy is levied in addition to the state capital.
It is calculated according to the square footage of the establishment or the apartment. (AP)

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Wellness, -Existenzgründung - Next station: dream job

"I was always on the lookout," says Lea Söhner, who runs the massage studio "Dakini" in Cologne, where tantric massages are offered. In the beginning, she came from a strictly Protestant-pietistic home, in search of serious theological answers. She dealt with feminist theology and matriarchy, attended courses and seminars.

"I wanted to find my female roots, both religious and sexual."

At the Church College of Diaconia and Religious Education in Ludwigsburg Lea Söhner trained as a social deaconess / religious deaconess. After that, they made long trips to Israel, India and South America. Again, she was searching: "I just wanted to see the world."
Back in Germany, she worked in a training center for the physically handicapped. On the side, she continued her education: In four years she completed Gestalt therapy training in Nuremberg. She also attended psychodrama classes, family portraiture and tantra. "I've always wanted to learn, but it should always be holistic learning."

At some point, her friends began practicing and offering tantric massages and quickly got away with it. "At first I thought: not with me. But then I got involved and was thrilled. "
In addition, Lea Söhner longed for new professional challenges and no longer wanted to be involved in social work. So she completed a massage course and joined her friends.
Within a year, she took over operation of 1996. "That was the jump into the cold water. At that time, I was 30 in the middle and then had to become a businesswoman. "She developed quality standards for training as a masseuse, a mission statement for her company, and clarified with the masseuses their role and task. The aim of tantric massages is to create a space in which sensuality can be experienced. Gradually, the whole body is massaged, music and scents appeal to the other senses.

"Our full-body massages, however, have no red light character. The integrity of the masseuses is maintained, and we do not provide our bodies."
After some time Lea Söhner realized that the company also needs an economic basis. And again she continued to educate herself. "As a boss, I had to learn to assert myself, but business management, calculations and investments were now on the agenda." She got help from a friend who worked in Switzerland as a strategy expert for the military. From him, she learned to work systematically, thinking of team building and management as well as the future. And she opened a branch office in Switzerland.
"Today everyday life is my school. I have learned to stay open and curious and have found that you always have to evolve. "

An erotic massage at Christmas

Are you slowly starting to come up with the ideas of what to give your heart person for Christmas? No desire for more perfumes, books or sweaters?
Why not even something spicy, unusual?
For example a massage at DAKINI Wellness, -Institut. This center for tantra massage is not about simple muscle kneading, but about real, deep touches. And let yourself be touched by women, men and couples.
The Tantric philosophy is about the connection of opposites. For example, female and male or sexuality and spirituality. In short, the connection of Ying and Yang.
During a Tantric massage, the whole body is touched, caressed and stimulated with aids such as oil, warm water or feathers. In this way all the senses are stimulated, you can let go and indulge in the touch. It is also about erotic, but it is not in the foreground, but the sensuality and your own sense.
We are committed to increasing the cultivation of touch in our performance-oriented society. Lea Söhner, the founder of DAKINI Cologne and DAKINI Zürich says: "It is important to me to make a contribution to a truly real culture of contact. Due to our Christian-Western tradition, we lack the cultivation of sensuality. Sexuality was also demonized for a long time, today it is hyped up in the media. But a cultivation of sensuality, closeness and touch, which really means the people completely, that is missing. And I want to contribute something to that. "The further one dares, the more unknown the touches become.

Nudity as a natural state
The unusual thing about tantra massages at Dakini or similar institutes is that all participants are naked. The one who can be massaged, whether individual or couple, but also the masseuse or masseur. However, these are always the assets, the guests the passive ones.
Lea Söhner explains the reason for this nudity: "For us, the separation of give and take is clearly defined. This is what distinguishes our tantra massages that the masseuse gives and receives the guest. It is also a massage with body contact, it comes very close. Because for a real meeting it is very important that the participants are on the same level. For this we give our authenticity. However, we do not want to do anything with our bodies. "
This means that the masseuses are not projection surfaces for their own sexual fantasies. Anyone looking for a quick sexual discharge is out of place with us and therefore better goes to an appropriate establishment.

For all people
As already mentioned, tantric massage is not only for couples, but also for individuals. It is very important to Lea Söhner to point out that people do not come to their institute because of a shortage, but because they want to enrich themselves. It can be about suggestions for your own love life. The touches can also be used to rediscover how to deal with oneself, one's body and one's sexuality. Without that you have to be an esoteric.
Certainly you do not have to be esoteric. Our offer is for everyone. The majority of people visiting us are between 30 and 65 years old. But there are also younger and come also much older! Those who are happy and happy with themselves. Or couples who simply want to maintain their relationship and sensuality. But there are also people who may just have a need for contact and maybe even get a chance. "
DAKINI also welcomes people with disabilities. Because it does not matter who the person is, what she does or what she looks like. What matters is the human being. Assuming that, a visit to the DAKINI can be almost a paradise experience.

Tantra - a holistic philosophy
The Tantric Massage Association eV in Germany describes Tantra as follows:
The term Tantra refers to the ancient Indian culture, in which the sexual nature of man was accepted and respected. The body is considered a temple of the soul and is treated holistically. The massage recipient is in the passive role and experiences an intense journey through his own body.
The Tantric massage combines deep relaxation and well-being on the one hand, and on the other hand, the possibility of dealing with specific sexual-therapeutic topics in a framework that is free from shame and expectations.
Theoretical roots go back to Wilhelm Reich, Carl Gustav Jung, Carl Rogers and Alexander Lowen, among others. Further suggestions came from Mantak Chia, Joseph Kramer and Annie Sprinkle.

Source:, 7.12.2007

Please touch

Hands can do magic. They grope, stroke, rub or pack vigorously - if we want to. However, we do not want to: "We live in an anti-contact society," says massage expert Lea Söhner.

All the more important is the physical contact with the partner. There are many more variants than just fellatio or cunnilingus. Even the banal "touch" can be a firework for the senses - with an erotic massage!

The facts speak for it: With 1,6 square meters, the skin is our largest sensory organ. An estimated five million cells respond to external stimuli: whether it's cold, heat, wet or just touching. Thousands of receptors chase the recorded information to the emotional center in the brain - it is followed by a small hormonal intoxication, because who is touched tenderly, the well-being hormones oxytocin and prolactin. But far more valuable than these disgusting physical consequences are the mental ones: "Through the careful touch, a person feels desired, loved, accepted. Man becomes hard when he is no longer touched, "says Lea Söhner.
In addition to fulfilling these basic needs, we approach the actual purpose of the thing: leave an impression! Arousing raging pleasure and raging passion! Unforgettable! With a little skillful craftsmanship anyone can ignite this whirlwind of the senses. But is there a secret? And what is important? Complicated handles, kneading techniques or positions?

Love for slowness
The all-highest bid of the successful massage means: to take your time! "If you think you're moving your hands slowly, halve the pace," advises American sex therapist Beverly Engel. The entrance to the erotic massage can begin quite harmlessly on the head. Whether the hands are circling, caressing, pushing or kneading is minor matter - concentration and dedication are the main thing. The partner feels immediately, if only by the way and half bored petted. It takes some effort to get your hands on fire and incredibly tingling - not in the muscles, but in the head. As familiar as it may be, imagine the partner's body as an exciting new land that must be conquered inch by inch - along with every cow, every curve, every uplift. Imagine that there are small lava flows pulsing in your fingertips, which you now gently distribute on the partner's skin. At the same time, you can try to mentally slip into someone else's skin, to feel inside of it and intuitively feel where to move your hands next. It really works! Vary your movements to realize the enormous potential of a massage, whether you stroke, knock, knead, push or tumble. Clinking ice cubes, a soft feather or a crackling silk scarf make for extra enjoyment.

Pleasure in the whole body
But at which secret corners or zones it tingles particularly beautiful? Lea Söhner defends himself against the question of erogenous zones. "But this term sounds way too mechanistic - our whole body is an erogenous zone!" Whether neck, neck or the inner thighs - no part of the body could be unsexy enough that he did not deserve a few strokes. So why not massage your feet for half an hour? Nevertheless, there are of course a few points on the body that are flammable particularly quickly: In the women, it is the breasts, in the men, it is the butt. But beware! "The butt is highly sensitive. If he is massaged too long, the excitement can tip over. Some men do not dare to enjoy the butt massage all around - out of concern, they could then be considered homosexual, "says Lea Söhner from practice. Another underrated hot spot on the man are the nipples - ignored by women, forgotten by men. But even here sit sensitive nerve endings, which one may approach tenderly to heartily.

Excitement all over
In the professional massages of Lea Söhner, however, the philosophy of holisticness applies. Means: The whole body is apparently spoiled without a special goal, so that the soul can relax, the head becomes lighter and lighter, the thoughts flare. Through this tactic of apparent "non-intentional" excitement can flare up in the Körperumso more intense. It is precisely this lack of purpose that is the prerequisite for many people to indulge themselves. This art of dropping can also work wonderfully on the home bed. For some a whole new experience: "Especially men can hardly forget their self-imposed performance pressure," says Lea Söhner.Beim sex they are used to proceed purposefully and straightforward: kissing, cuddling, coitus. The role of passive-receiving initially strikes hard. "Men as well as women can enjoy the whole body. If they give themselves more time, they are even capable of multiple orgasms. "This miracle can happen when ejaculation is suppressed by tensing the pelvic floor muscles. This "dry orgasm" gives the man the same intoxication as a normal climax, except that the excitement does not die, but grows. An experiment that succeeds particularly well in the relaxed atmosphere of a sensual massage.

Balm for the soul
For some couples, the deliberate renunciation of coitus can even be a pleasure alarm clock par excellence. "Massage extends the spectrum of sexuality," says Lea Söhner. Especially in long-term partnerships, where gradually routine sneaks in and everyone knows exactly what touches the partner as soon as possible to frenzy - just there, the erotic massage in a gentle way to set new accents. "At the latest after two to three years ends the great infatuation frenzy. Many then stop for comfort to explore the other's body. It will only be exciting, "says Lea Söhner.
And why? Because now the true adventure begins. Both partners are called upon to revive their spirit of discovery and to strive for their creativity - for the rediscovery of sensuality. Incidentally, such a massage also makes the body glow - and the sequel can begin. How does Beverly Angel say: "Sensuality is the big difference between pure sex and the loving connection of two people."

Source: Fit for Fun February 06

The slightly different relaxation

Holistic wellness, massages - what is that? Are they to be understood as erotic services or relaxation with a philosophical background?
By Ralf Bachmayer

Vaihingen. The ubiquitous wellness, offers belong, on the surface, to a gigantic wellness and personal care market. Looking deeper, it shows that our need and our longing for wholeness are addressed here. What does not necessarily make this market socially acceptable are the numerous massage studios which are more or less clearly attributable to the prostitution milieu. But there are other examples in this area. Time for a little education.
Dakinimassagen want to reach the whole person. With his need for touch, for relaxation and tranquility, for being touched and touched, as well as for his desire to enjoy his own sexual feeling in dignity and beauty. This philosophy has been written by the "Dakini Köln" on the flags. And now celebrates its tenth anniversary in February. "Ten years of Dakini - this is not just an economic success story, but also the realization of a vision," says Lea Söhner, the owner of the "Dakini".
Well, you do not have to talk long about the bush - the dirty corner is not far away. Lea Söhner knows that too. "But we have no problem with that, because we pay attention to quality." In this case, quality means that it's not about an act of sexuality - or, to put it more clearly, about commercial gratification. According to pure philosophy, tantric massages are offered with the intention of celebrating sensuality as a life force, as well as promoting friendship between men and women. This is also confirmed by Rudi Baier (name changed by the editors), who has "discovered new facets in his 25-year marriage".

Sensual quality of life
It is the discovery of "things behind usual sexuality, especially in men," as Baier puts it. "Our massages are first and foremost a physical journey to oneself. As a result, men and women can come back into contact with their sensual and sexual power," says Lea Söhner. In this context it should also be said that couples also come for regular visits. Above all the so-called "Rosarium" is here a popular starting point. Consisting of 2002, the "Rosarium" is a teaching institute for sensual quality of life and sexuality. In seminars and lectures traditional - especially Indian and Tantric - and modern knowledge about sensuality and sexuality is taught. "Women on the other hand still do not dare to come to us that often", regrets the owner. In addition, visits to these institutes "also present a challenge to the partnership," admits Rudi Baier, who inaugurated his wife from the beginning. "But I felt right here and learned a lot about myself and my sexual energy. Also through lectures and seminars, together with my wife. "

Tantric massages as a basis
The massages are characterized by a finely tuned structure and they involve the entire body - including the intimate area. It is essential that the client is completely in the role of the recipient, so that there is no sexual interaction with the masseuse. Customers can choose between the "Dakini Tantra Massage" - which, by the way, is the basis for all others - the "Dakini Tao Massage" and the "Dakini Hawaii Massage". Cost: about 140 to 190 Euro at about one and a half hour duration.
In February, the company started 1996 in the center of Cologne as a collective of women: the goals have remained, others have changed: Today the "Dakini" resides in a villa in Cologne-Vaihingen. Currently around 20 masseuses are working here on an independent basis. Apart from the Cologne parent company, 2004 has had a branch near Zurich and 2006 has another in Karlsruhe. Interested parties can get further information about tantric massages at

Therapeutic aspect or sexual service with philospophic background? Anyway, Dakinimassagen have the potential for both.

Wortwert Rolf Bachmeyer
Source: Kölner Stadtanzeiger week 08 / 2006

Ways out of the labyrinth of desire

The "Talk im Rosarium" in Cologne's Dakini Institute went into a delicate field of tension last Thursday. Under the title "In the Labyrinth of Desire" the love researcher Dolores Richter from Belzig near Berlin and the Freiburg Tantra teacher Saleem Matthias Riek talked about the seemingly endless conflict between the desire of the heart for reliable attachment and the anarchic activities of Eros. With over a hundred listeners, the Rosarium was filled to the last seat. The two interviewees talked about their own experiences on this question: While Riek tries to solve the conflict in a monogamous partnership, Richter and her partner are stealthily opening the way for an open relationship. The two agreed that such free spaces as the Dakini Institute (, in which sensuality and sexuality are taught, are increasingly needed in our society.

Source: Cologne weekly 16. Week 2005

Supplement dessert

The culture of the thermal baths north of the Alps since the departure of the last Roman legionnaires unfortunately concentrated on a few stations in the country. Nevertheless, the cold season requires warming measures: the fortifying down-to-earth foods, such as braised oxtail, bacon and beans or potato gratin bless us with enough calories to defy the cold. Warmth as a dessert but also and especially the gastrophilic mediate suitable body massages. Dakini has collected massage know-how all over the world and integrated it into its own program. The goal is the balance between inside and outside, so a kind of weightlessness for carefree connoisseurs (AdM.)

Source: NZZ am Sonntag, 06.02.2005

Oasis of sensuality

Places where sensuality and touch are lived in beauty are true gems of our time. For ten years, the "Dakini" in Cologne has such a space ready: Holistic wellness, massages for him and her. "Ten years of Dakini - this is not just an economic success story, but also the realization of a vision," says owner Lea Söhner. With her studio and around 20 self-employed masseuses she resides today in a villa in Cologne Vaihingen. Customers can choose between the "Dakini Tantric Massage", the "Dakini-Taomassage" and the "Dakini Hawaiian Massage". "Our massages are first and foremost a physical journey to oneself. As a result, both men and women can come back into contact with their sensual and sexual power," says Söhner. (..)

Source: Elle Plus, December 2005

Sensual pleasure for your partnership

Do you want to revitalize your partnership? To rekindle the passions spilled from everyday life and get to know the partner in a new way? How about romantic and inspiring hours for two? So how about a very special and sensual pleasure: an erotic massage! Can there be anything more beautiful than to spoil your loved one with loving touches and to awaken your lust?
Surely the erotic massage is superficially about pleasure and sensuality, but it is also about health. As with classical massage, energy blockages are to be released and the energy flow stimulated. The flow of energy passes through the chakras (energy centers), which lie on the central axis of the body and are interconnected. If this flow is disturbed, it reduces the internal energy. With a massage, so gentle touch and pressure, the balance can be restored. This is of course a nice side effect, because an erotic massage can not only arouse passion, but also increase the physical well-being!

Preparation is everything
A good preparation is the key to success and that can be effortlessly applied to many areas of life. Even with the erotic massage, a good preparation is essential. So take your time: find out! Browse books! Learn more about the purpose of the Erotic Massage! Familiarize yourself with the topic of massages in general, the techniques, the massage handles and the sequence of movements are finally an important tool for pleasurable touch. Talk to your partner and exchange your ideas and wishes, because you start as a team and that means that you accept limits or a no without reservation.
Well, actually is now an erotic massage nothing more in the way! So enjoy, the sensual hours for two!
Dakini Massages & Events is a company that creates spaces for the enjoyment of sensual quality of life. In the exclusively equipped rooms in Cologne and in the canton of Zurich, 30 masseuses, all of whom are specially trained, offer high-quality holistic body massages for men and women. The massages are characterized by their ritual character and finely tuned structure as well as the inclusion of the whole body including the intimate area

Wellness, for you, March 2005

Despite omnipresence - sexuality remains a delicate field

As far as sex is concerned, there is probably no longer a taboo that has not already been broken. Gabriel García Márquez, with his new short novel, "Memories of My Sad Whores," in which an old man sleeps with an innocent girl on his ninetieth birthday, is no longer offensive. Nevertheless, countless books, pictures and films about "the one" still attract a lot of interest.

For Michael Merkel, project manager of the exhibition "100 000 years of sex" in the Hamburg Helms Museum (until 16 January, from 29 September in the Dresden State Museum of Prehistory), this is not a new phenomenon: The show shows that the subject Sex nothing new under sun gives. The prehistorian refers in particular to the Roman period, in which sexual scenes were strikingly painted on walls and the male citizens had taken all liberties. In addition to Stone Age fertility symbols, the exhibition also features the oldest condom and chastity belt from the 19. Century to see.

The Tübingen publisher Claudia Gehrke, whose bankruptcy book publisher has mainly erotic literature in the program, sees the current situation ambiguously: "Sex is now considered leisure time fun. There are clubs and clubs, sex shops - even for women -, SM-Stammtische and -Partys. "Nevertheless, according to Gehrke, the sexuality remains a delicate field, because it is linked to love, love and jealousy.
Also, the flood of sex advice literature judges the publisher with double-edged: Although would have thanks to these books now probably more women orgasms than in grandmother's time. "For the readers are more biased in sex, because they are constantly asking: 'I stroke now right ?, Gehrke says.

To her predominantly female authors, the publisher, who also publishes the yearbook of erotica "My secret eye", has the claim that sex is celebrated not just as a game and sport: "The explosive power of sexuality must not turn into the market-compatible" Anything " goes "crumble."

Short stories that meet this expectation can be found in the book "Liebe nach Mitternacht", compiled by Susanne Schüssler and Hans-Gerd Koch. From Doris Lessing to Javier Marías to AL Kennedy, the series of authors, in whose stories sexual desire is the mainspring of the plot, is enough.

For Lea Söhner, owner of a private institute for sensual quality of life and sexuality in Cologne, the omnipresence of eroticism is the expression of a paradoxical phenomenon: "Precisely because sexuality is not adequately appreciated in our time, it is omnipresent." Sex either becomes fixed Partnerships are limited or lived out in soulless forms like pornography. Söhner therefore advocates understanding sensuousness and sexuality as an art to be learned that has its place not only in the marital bedroom.

Wendy Doniger and Sudhir Kakar, the two commentators and translators of a new, rightly praised edition of "Kamasutra," see the goal of the old Indian school of love in a similar direction. According to them, in the Kamasutra it is a question of freeing the erotic desire from too rigid a morality as well as the "glow of the instinctual desire". For sexuality to truly enrich human life, it must be cultivated.

Source: dpa message from 23.12.2004

Multifaceted representation of Eros

The first night café in the Alte Seegrasspinnerei drew the audience into the spell

The first night café at the Alte Seegrasspinnerei in Nürtingen met with great interest with the "Eros" theme: the room in the Plochingerstraße 14 was filled to the last place. The visitors, who were mostly older than forty, did not reckon their coming: The announced guests, Claudia Gehrke from the bankruptcy book publishing house in Tübingen and the entrepreneur in tantrischen massages, Lea Söhner, showed in an impressive manner their competence in the delicate field. In addition, the artistic contributions, in particular the sensual dances of Yvonne Wolf, thrilled the audience.

The first surprise was the room decoration: red fabrics over windows and tables as well as aphrodisiac fruits, pomegranates, bananas and figs, conjured up a stimulating atmosphere in the room, which is otherwise used primarily as a canteen. The night cafe began with some erotic poems - including a sound poem by Ernst Jandl, which Friedrich Vieth from Berlin intoned with beguiling lust. In his introduction, the moderator Thomas Oser then pointed out that Eros is not a sporadic guest in human life, but cast us from conception to old age in the spell. To illustrate, he read a short text about the diverse love life in a retirement home for the elderly.

The first guest of the evening, Claudia Gehrke, was already well-known to a few in the audience, as her bankruptcy book publisher is known for erotic friends in German-speaking countries. The conversation initially turned to the question of what makes a successful erotic literature. Gehrke called a fine sense of what happens in the "between" of two people, and humor. "The lyrics may well turn on the reader, but have to stand out clearly from the level of porno magazines." Gladly, the publisher showed that now in front of all women unbabangener with the topic "Sex" went around: "Before 25 years, when I was my publisher It has been difficult to find female writers who wrote about their erotic fantasies. "

In between, Gehrke read from the "Secret Eye", the yearbook for erotica published by her. A story was about an old woman overwhelmed by her sexual desire despite a serious illness. The second, very amusing story played on the toilet of a fast train, in which a traveler with the conductor joyfully comes to the point.

The second part of the evening was attended by Lea Söhner, who runs the Dakini, an institute for tantric and taostic massages, in Cologne. She explained that tantra, an ancient religion originating from India and Tibet, is not condemning sexuality but, on the contrary, holy. "Tantric massages are sensual erotic massages performed in the form of a well-defined ritual," said Söhner. In doing so, those who get massaged remain quite passive, so they could focus on their own erotic experience and have no sexual contact with the masseuse.

Söhner's clients include not only men but also women and couples. For women, tantric massages, according to the entrepreneur, offer the opportunity to rediscover their sexual experience independently of a partner. On the other hand, couples would find inspiration in how to give new impulses to their erotic life. In seminars, tantric knowledge about sensuality and sexuality is also passed on in the form of courses.

Sensual and spiritual at the same time the evening ended with modern oriental dances and a philosophical speech on Eros. Wrapped in fancy robes, Yvonne Wolf moved with grace and suppleness in the room and played with a silver walking stick or colorful cloths. Embedded in this animating atmosphere, Thomas Oser presented a text by Plato, in which Eros shows itself to be a demonic power, which leads man beyond sensuality to the vision of an idealistic beauty.

Throughout February the replies are given in the seagrass mills, which the audience of the night café answered to the question "Who or what is Eros?". Among them are such poetic utterances as "Eros makes me discover on the neck of the one sitting in front of me on the moped, once sun-bleached hairs" or "Eros is this known from puberty tingles, in which I will be reminded that I am still that stupid boy ".

Source: Nürtinger Zeitung, 16.02.04

Tantra - Ancient Eastern religion and new wellness, trend

Since sex is omnipresent in the media, Tantra is no longer a red cloth. It is usually presented as a hodgepodge of Far Eastern practices designed to increase sexual pleasure. But if you take a look at the book market or ask connoisseurs of the scene, you will see a far more differentiated picture. On the one hand, Tantra seems to become a new wellness trend, on the other hand, it hides old religious traditions behind it.

Today you are connected to Osho, the founder of the Bhagwan movement or the Dalai Lama. Tantra, as practiced in the West since the late sixties, does not enjoy a good reputation in the belles lettres. After Michel Houellebecq, who satirized a tantric New Age camp in his second novel Elementary Particles, Ernst Augustin has devoted himself to the subject in his novel "The School of the Naked". The author, born 1927, shows an aging historian who is proficient in the field of ancient Indian tantra cultures. He falls unhappily in love with a young woman who goes in and out of the Munich Tantra scene. The climax is the joint visit to a workshop, described with a bitter comedy, with all its narrative obscure breathing exercises and sensual rituals.

The influx of participants of such events does not detract from this, says Wolf Schneider, the publisher of the journal connection, which since 1988 deals with the issue of tantra, among other things in complete special issues. Since the early nineties, Tantra has become broad-based in Germany, says Schneider. Most of the offered annual training courses are fully booked by people from all sections of the population. The trend is towards more gentle forms. It's more about self-knowledge than about sexuality, according to the author of the book Tantra - Games of Love, which will be reprinted in August.

Edg Goetschel complains that Swiss tantra magazine Yabyum complains about the fact that tantra is increasingly flattening and now neither sexually nor spiritually deep. Since the beginning of this year, there has been no editorial part on the internet. In the sixties and seventies, Tantra had something anarchistic about it. That's gone today, says Goetschel.

Lea Söhner, who runs an institute for tantric massages in Cologne and Zurich, assesses the current situation differently: Tantra has already helped many people to rediscover their sensual and spiritual roots. Like yoga some time ago, Tantra may soon become a wellness offering that has nothing disreputable about it.

For this reason, increasingly larger publishers are now publishing books on the subject. The pioneer in the nineties was the Goldmann Verlag, which has the bestseller, Margot Anand's "Tantra or the Art of Sexual Ecstasy", with a sold circulation of almost 200.000 copies. This spring, Knaur Verlag publishes a Tantra book for the first time with Christine Janson's "Lust auf Liebe". Beate Herbinger, the responsible editor, says: In the past it was only Osho supporters who were interested in Tantra. Today, the topic is also outside esoteric circles interest.

Source: dpa message from 19.02.2004