Worth reading websites about tantra and tantric massage

Tantra Massage Association eV (TMV) Association of dedicated suppliers of original tantra massages in Germany // www.tantramassage-verband.de

Trusted Bodywork - The directory for certified tantra massage and bodywork providers

training schools for certified tantra masseurs:

AnandaWave® Cologne // www.tantramassagen.de
Diamond Lotus Berlin, Germany's oldest tantra school //www.diamond-lotus.de
Tantraconnection // www.tantraconnection.de
Zinnoberschule //

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Institute of the Tantric Massage Association eV

04105 Leipzig, Lalita: Sensual tantra massages // www.sinnlichemassage.de
10829 Berlin, Diamond Lotus Berlin //www.diamond-lotus.de
41238 M├Ânchengladbach, TantraArt: massages, sexual counseling and seminars // www.tantra-art.de
45128 food: Tantric massages in Essen // www.tantra-essen.de
50668 Cologne, Dakini Tantra Massages & Events // www.Tantra-Koeln.info
51065 Cologne, Ananda: Tantra and massages // http://www.ananda-massage.de/de/koeln/ananda.html
58135 Hagen, Samara tantra massages //www.tantra-massage-samara.de
60313 Frankfurt / M, Avalon: Tantra massages in Frankfurt // www.dietantramassage.de
70191 Cologne, Dakinimassagen Cologne // www.dakinimassagen.de
85609 Dornach, Jembatan Tantra Massage near Munich //www.jembatan.de
90419 Nuremberg, Tarisha: Tantra massages in Nuremberg // www.tarisha-massagen.de

Other tantra massage institutes in Germany

01127 Dresden, Sinnes-Art: Tantra massages and seminars // www.sinnes-art.de
10997 Berlin: Atman Tantra massages // www.berlintantramassage.de
28203 Bremen, Namyo: Tantric massages // www.namyo.de
40237 Dusseldorf, Aresha: Tantra massages // www.aresha.de
60594 Frankfurt / M, Anjama: Tantric massages and 65183 Wiesbaden, Anjama // www.anjama.net
65428 Ruesselsheim, Celtantao: Feeling Art, Massage Power // www.celltantao.com
74343 Sachsenheim: massages, love school for couples, seminars // www.wohlfuehlzeit.de
76133 Karlsruhe: Tantra, Massage, Bodywork, Sexual Counseling // www.liveliness.de
79108 Freiburg Flow ~ Institute for Alternative Medicine Body Therapy and Tantric Massage in Freiburg // www.flow-massagen.de
80686 Munich: TaraTantra: Tantra massages and seminars // www.TaraTantra.com
81477 Munich, Amaris: Tantra massages // www.amaris-massage.de
Hamburg, Art of Touch, tantra massages in Hamburg // www.artoftouch.de
85609 Dornach: Seminars, Massages, Bodywork // www.jembatan.de

Institute for Tantra Massage in Switzerland

Tantric massages in Dakini Zurich // Dakinimassagen in Zurich
Didi Liebold, companion to a fulfilled sexuality // www.sexologicalbodywork.ch
Manumagic Basel // www.manumagic.ch

Tantric massage institutes in other countries

Spain: Tantric massages and other wellness, massages // www.alegraluz.com
Czech Republic, Prague: tantric massages // www.tantramasaze.com

Further links and recommendations

Gitta Arntzen Sexual counseling, training, massage & seminars for women, men and couples // www.sexualberatung-und-massage.de
Information portal about Yoni-Massage (Yonimassage-Portal Germany) with articles, testimonials, supplier addresses, seminar dates and further information about the woman's tantra massage // www.yoni-massage.info
Institute for New Life Culture - Seminars on Tantra, Massage, Shamanism and Community // www.secret-of-tantra.de
www.tantramassage-lernen.de: Nhanga seminars and trainings for men, women and couples in Tantra, Tao Yoni and Lingam massage // www.tantramassage-lernen.de
Padmini's Tantra School: Seminars for Tantra, spiritual self-awareness, yoga and meditation. Seminars and sexual counseling in Basel // www.padmini.eu
Yoni healing work for women // www.frauentraum.net
Tantra with Saleem Matthias Riek // www.art-of-being.de
Performance Artist Barbara Krippendorf // www.dancing-raven-woman.de
Travel portal for sensual erotic journeys // www.meerzeit.com
Dr. med. Robert P. Fischer and Notburga Surabhi Fischer: Personality Development, Conscious Sexuality, Mature Partnership // www.mann-frau.com
Maggie Tapert: Wings of Joy // www.maggietapert.com
Tantra Yoga Art, Beautiful and Useful for Yoga, Massage and MeditationThe Massage Web Catalog // www.tantra-yoga-art.de, www.massage-katalog.de


Ms. Blum, erotic shop for women in Cologne, Reuchlinstr. 11 // http://blog.fraublum.de

Erotic shop for women in Esslingen near Cologne // www.bella-donna-erotik.de

So that love stays pleasurable. Stylish Ideas - Ambience Decor - Erotic Toys - Romance Workshops - Toy Parties and more in Zurich // www.specialmoments.ch

Lingerie in Hamburg: http://www.roxy-germany.de/Roxy


Connection, the magazine for the essentials // www.connection.de
Traces, magazine for new consciousness // www.spuren.ch
Fit for fun - Wellness, Magazine // www.fitforfun.de

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