Researcher spirit belongs definitely to the Yoni massage

Choosing to do a yoni massage - knowing that the whole body is massaged and touched, even the most intimate places in the center of femininity, the yoni - that requires courage and researcher spirit from the woman. With the desire to sensitively "listen" the personal journey begins, in order to get on the track of this hidden, sensitive and at the same time most exciting part of the woman's body. The luxury of having a professionally offered Yoni massage is that you are free of relational involvement and the partner's own will. It's just about you - you do not have to give anything back. And you may have a good conscience, if you enjoy it, vaginal or, if you wish, remaining vaginal in the outer area of ​​the yoni, on the venus lips and on the pearl (the clitoris), massaged and touched according to all the rules of tantric touch art - after your body has previously been prepared for the special experience through an extensive full body massage.

Well-being is for every woman - including you.

The Dakini Yoni Massage serves the well-being, once for a self-given period of time without having to do anything or afford to merely give in to feeling. Our masseuses and masseurs are honored to give you, as a woman, an unforgettable, loving, tender body experience. Neither your appearance, your profession or your age (from 21) play a role. We perceive you in their uniqueness, take care of you respectfully and respectfully. Treat yourself to a break, where you can feel really happy.

Here's an interview with Monika Kochs about the Yoni massage.

Touched, happy, waking up wake up

After this "research trip" into your energetic center, you will wake up like a trance-like intermediate world and let the received touches react for a while - stirred, happy, maybe blissfully smiling. You will stretch your body slowly and with pleasure before returning to the world that will feel slightly different after this unique experience. The Yoni massage works for a long time after: Anyone who has tasted it, will like to integrate these touches into everyday sexuality. And that's a good thing: many can tell their partner after a Yoni massage and show what touches you want. In this sense, the Yoni massage can be understood as perception training, as something helpful for the partnership and the sexuality of the woman in principle.

Is everything really massaged? Also the G-spot?

In the Dakini Yoni massage, women get to know their body through the touch of an experienced masseuse (or at the request of an experienced masseur). During the touch ritual, you will explore your sensory experience and gradually expand it at your own pace as it feels right for you. In other words, after a sensual revival in the form of the classical tantric massage in the intimate part of yoni exploration, you are gently touched by the venus lips, experiencing various implants on your clitoris, and - when you are ready, and only then - the sensations within your yoni (vagina) through massage touches. In doing so, you can sense your G-spot or your G-zone or perceive which emotions are aroused. An intimate massage - that sounds inconceivable to many women. But be sure that the revival and the yoni massage are so attentive that you can go step by step or say "stop". It is also possible to give the yoni massage only on the outside, so to explore the venus lips, the mons pubis and the clitoris. How far you want to go, only you decide as a receiving woman.

Film and Art: Public interest in Yonis / Vaginas is growing

Although the vagina is hidden, the interest in getting Vaginas out of the darkness of ignorance is growing in public. In film and art ("Vulva 3.0", which achieved considerable success at the Berlinale 2014, or "The Great Wall of Vagina", an exhibition of hundreds of modeled Yonis) as well as in surveys ("Why are Vaginas important for you?") the topic is illuminated from different angles. The yoni massage for the woman is the individual way to increase the knowledge of experience about your own body and the range of experience.