prostate massage

Our special offer for men: The prostate massage "Secret-Feeling" is an extension of the classic tantric massage. You will first enjoy the awakening of the entire body with gentle massage touches and sensual elements. When your energy has been built up, you will experience the massage of your intimate area - the Lingammassage (Sankrit for penis). You will also receive a careful anal and prostate massage. The massage of this particular area and the prostate are a pleasure for most men. We call this special feeling secret feeling.

The prostate massage as part of the Tantric massage for the man

How does the prostate massage work? It is important that the recipient feels comfortable and communicates at all times in case something feels uncomfortable. During the massage, the thighs and the pelvic floor are gently touched, sometimes kneaded vigorously, then spread again and revived by gentle shaking. This prepares the area around the anus to open and relax the intimate touch of the prostate. As long as the sphincter is not relaxed, the touch can be painful. If the prostate massage is performed before an elevated state of arousal is present, it may feel like a medical exam. That's why we take a lot of time before the prostate massage to ignite the lust.

Does the prostate orgasm belong to the anal massage?

If he comes, then this is certainly a very special "Secret Feeling" - the sky flight for the man: The prostate massage can be an orgasm in some men. It does not necessarily come to an ejaculation. The feeling is described by men more like an internal orgasm. A prostate orgasm can - like any orgasm - be done by caressing stroking and massaging with a lot of time and dedication.

Is the prostate the "G-spot" of the man?

According to the latest scientific findings, the woman's G-spot tissue is the same as the tissue of the male prostate, demonstrably already in the embryonic state, before the two areas develop differently depending on gender. In this respect, the prostate can also be called the G-spot of the man, as well as the G-point (better: the G-surface) of the woman as the prostate of the woman can be called. In the tantric massage we experience that a prostate massage for the man can have a similar intense sexual effect as the woman's G-spot massage. The best way for a man to try out what it feels like for himself.

Our recommendation: The prostate massage is something for the connoisseur

Secret Feeling is an intense massage. Therefore, we recommend them primarily to men who already have experience with tantric massage or know their anal area very well. Our masseuses are also knowledgeable and have completed special training for the prostate massage. So you will be guided through this journey of discovery by a woman experienced in it.