Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massages in Dakini Cologne

Experience the authentic touch art of Hawaii, with which the shamans of Hawaii accompany people through processes of change in life.

Ho'oponopono Lomi Lomi stands for physical and mental opening and restoring balance in people. For this purpose, dance elements of movement on the body, long, sometimes strong, sometimes gentle strokes from below and above are carried out, thus striking out the old energies and inviting new energies. The extensive oil ritual with devoted Hawaii music invites you to a full body reset.

Hawaiian deep body work (without intimate area massage)

Hawaiian body work can release negative energies and help to overcome mental conflicts. We talk to you about your concern in a preliminary discussion, which topic you are currently dealing with and intuitively align yourself with the energies in the massage in order to support you in going through your feelings.

This deep oil massage on the entire body saves the intimate area, which remains covered all the time. The massage is carried out with hands, fingers and the forearms on an oiled sheet. The masseuse intuitively follows your internal energies in the body and supports you in your self-awareness. What is needed right now: silence, strength, calm or gentleness ?.

Our masseuses Arantxa, Doris and Olga offer Lomi Lomi massage, which has a deep physical effect on the soul as well.

Duration: 90 minutes, price: 130 euros

or 120 minutes, price: 170 euros

Expect a total stay of 2 or 2,5 hours with a preliminary discussion, showering and a rest afterwards.