The man does not have to ... anything.He is allowed to feel himself.

Many men must constantly prove themselves in our modern Western society to be successful; also to find recognition - whether professional or private. Often the man only reacts to the manifold demands of everyday and professional life and does not feel well anymore. He hardly finds a place where he can rest and at the same time feel himself in dignity. It needs spaces in which he can relax and experience his body in his masculinity. This is especially true of the sexual part of his life. According to our philosophy, every man has a natural claim to royal well-being. In the Lingammassage he is allowed to let go and feel himself.

In the Dakini Tantric massage, the man can forget all the roles he is used to playing in his life. This can happen as soon as he gets into the hands of a well-trained Dakini masseuse. 'Do not have to' but have to rest, a man can experience in the Dakini. The encounter of Yang and Yin is especially impressive in this ritual framework: The frame represents the Yang principle according to Taoist wisdom: male, symbolically, Yang embodies the "outside", the action, according to the wisdom of the Asian wisdom. A symbol for this is fire. The massage as such stands for the Yin principle: Yin is female, embodies the "inside", be protected, indulge, rest. A symbol of the Yin principle is cooling water. Combining the two principles into a tangible whole creates harmony and well-being.

Lingam massage is like swimming- what a feeling!

It is hardly possible to describe the body feeling when swimming to a person who has never been in the water before. Or how easy it can feel to be lapped and carried by ocean waves. Likewise, it is almost impossible to express the feelings a man experiences during the Dakini Tantric / Lingam massage. That's why our recommendation: just try it! You can book your appointment with a tantric massage therapist or a massage therapist at the Dakini Team Cologne at this telephone number: 0221 1793511

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