Relax in the bathtub during the Tantra bathing ritual

Even as a couple you can enjoy this luxury before the couples massage and bathing, maybe push each other's feet and relax together in the warm water, then to go to the massages completely calm, pre-soaked. This space created for you invites you to dive. Your Dakinis will accompany you. You will love relaxing in the spacious bathtub.

Tantra bath ritual - During this ritual, you can unwind before the actual tantra massage in a spacious bathtub in a pleasantly tempered bubble bath in the company of your masseuse or two Dakinis the soul. Immerse yourself in the bathing pleasure specially prepared for you, let your neck be massaged and surprise yourself while bathing. Every cell can expand, calm down, arrive. Let yourself sink into the bubble bath and feel just fine. Be sure to thoroughly enjoy this extra pampering program before your Dakinimassage.