The Couple Massage - A Dakini Couple ritual is designed to give new tenderness to your togetherness. Just get involved in the feeling of being triggered by the full touch of our Dakinis. The masseuses and masseuses are with you with all their attention, with their alert liveliness and love. If the woman is massaged by a man and the man by a woman, this can be considered balanced by all concerned. But the same-sex constellation in the massage has proven to be good and consistent in most cases. Please let us know when you book your appointment.

Dakini couples massage with four - in one room or in two rooms

The Dakini Tantric Couple Massage with four: You and your partner as well as two Dakinis experience a worship ritual tuned to you. You can decide whether you want to be treated by two masseuses or a masseuse and a masseur. It is a very special experience, both at the same time to be pampered by experienced hands and hearts! Either in one room or in two separate rooms - both variations have their appeal. Whether you want to experience the touch ritual in a room or separately depends on how your attitude is. Is it easy for you to stay with yourself while your loved one is being massaged near you? Do you enjoy the situation four in one room? Or would you prefer to enjoy it all by yourself, without being distracted and knowing that you are close to your partner, even if he / she is spoiled in the next room? Please discuss this beforehand and let us know when booking a couple massage if you want one or two rooms. Either way, the tantric couple massage is celebrated as a special ritual in Dakini.

Expiration of a couple massage

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Massage with instructions: Couple massage ritual to third

Our Dakini "Tantra to Third" is a variant in which one of you at the same time both the touch of the Dakini and those of the partner or the partner surrenders. It is a massage under the guidance of the masseur, where both of you have a wonderful experience that will certainly last for a while at the cellular level; as well as being aware of something good. Even so-called lay people, who have never massaged, can touch their sweetheart so that he / he purrs. In the Dakini partner massage, the art of touching is lovingly brought closer to you. Take this guide into your everyday life, because Tantra serves the holistic well-being, thus the health of body, mind and soul.